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Linda Taylor

Meet our Founder and Operating Owner, Linda Taylor.  Linda consumed art and creativity in her soul from a young age, growing up near the sandy beaches in Southern California. As a child, she attended the school of Visual and Performing Arts in San Diego, CA, where she was first exposed to the world of theater, set design, and fine arts.  This translated into her post-secondary education, beginning her studies as a theater set design major at West Liberty University, WV.  After graduating with a degree in International Business, Linda enjoyed a fruitful and challenging career journey in multi-unit, regional level management, working her way up as a leader in retail executive operations and workforce solutions.  


After battling and defeating Head and Neck Cancer three times over the span of eight years, Linda and her husband, Trevor, decided it was time for a slower pace and more inspiring environment that would assist Linda in her healing process as a Cancer survivor. Following God’s plan, they relocated from Las Vegas, NV to Albuquerque, NM in the summer of 2019.  Once settled in Albuquerque, Linda deepened her journey as a furniture and décor artisan as she struggled to find local artistic furnishings that complimented her unique style and new home.  And, what a blessing that struggle came to be! 

When she is not reimagining and creating for clients, Linda enjoys time with her husband, Trevor and daughter, Gabby.  She dabbles in photography and loves music, traveling, a good cup of coffee, and the summer season.  



A celebration of the home and eclectic lifestyle, Juxtaposed is a destination for the quality-and style-conscious guest. We provide unique and affordable hand painted and raw furniture, home accents, clothing and gifts, as well as a unique paint line Melange Mineral Paints, and accessories.  We welcome you to our colorful community and invite you to take a class! 


What if your furnishings were pieces of art, serving not only beauty to the eye, but also functionality for your space?  What if a piece of furniture could bring life and transformation to your home, as well as evoke a feeling?  This is what Juxtaposed strives to create for its clients through art and Linda's vision, where she pours her creativity and heart into every paint stroke and envisions the love that will be shared in every re-homed locale.  Using a new paint line that will be released in early 2022, Linda Taylor reimagines each specifically chosen, unique piece and enjoys bringing new vivacity to it through her signature, elegant bohemian-chic style.  

Paint Brushes

Examples of Linda's Work

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