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Why Juxtaposed?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hey there everyone! Welcome to my first blog post! This will be a fun and open place to come visit and find great info about all kinds of topics - from design, to funny stories, to personal testimony, to gift ideas! Let's start off with a fun one...

So, two of the most common questions I receive here at the shop are

  1. What does Juxtaposed mean?

  2. Why the name Juxtaposed?

Here's the scoop -

juxtapose jux·​ta·​pose | \ ˈjək-stə-ˌpōz \

juxtaposed; juxtaposing

Definition of juxtapose transitive verb : to place (different things) side by side (as to compare them or contrast them or to create an interesting effect)juxtapose unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas— J. F. T. Bugental

After about a month of MANY hours and name ideas it finally hit me in July 2021! The boutique is made up of artists with very different styles (Boho, French Country, Farmhouse, Eclectic, etc.), yet our decor and artistry is blended together in beautiful vignettes, showing our customers the beauty that may arise from contrasting styles! Hence the name Juxtaposed was born for the shop!

A bit of back story for you all... Juxtaposed was born out of both a dream and a necessity. Myself and two other artists in the shop, Claire Barrow of Baby B Antiques and Jasmine Beeny of Irresistibly Vintage, were inside a shop together that closed its doors in early/mid 2021. After pondering what to do next... Should I try to sell my furniture and home decor online, find another location to sell out of, or sell at local markets... I listened to the Lord and decided to open my own store where both myself and other artists could showcase their work, express themselves, and provide a community space to teach others.

After our Grand Opening on October 16, 2021, I have met many lovely and beautiful souls and am so thankful for each and every customer that walks through the door every day that I get to meet. So many of you have become friends, and I am even more thankful for your friendship :)

I'm so excited that you all have decided to come along on this journey with me! Stay tuned :) Have a sensational day!



And yes... I really used Eminem as a GIF on my blog ...


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